iDeals created the IPO Consideration Stage white paper to support executives in evaluating if going public is the right strategic move for their company.

Going Public

After a record year in 2021, the first quarters of 2022 painted a complicated picture of the capital markets. And as company earnings and stock prices declined, what everyone already knew was confirmed: this is a cyclical and volatile environment.

With the surfacing of COVID-19 variants and continuing geopolitical tensions, executives around the globe are postponing their IPOs and reexamining their company strategies.

The deal’s value and volume shrink further testify to the current landscape; nonetheless, although going public conveys a considerable risk, it also has immense potential and, as such, it remains an appealing opportunity to companies around the globe.

Despite the market conditions, the process of going public can take years in the making; it can start with incorporation or as late as a few months before the public offering. This period allows a private company time to build the needed capabilities to perform as a public company when the right time appears.

What will you get from the white paper?

Preparation is prized in the IPO market, and starting early is crucial to success. To support executives during this stage, iDeals has published the IPO Consideration Stage white paper, painting the full picture of the key points to consider before deciding to go public, while doing so is still under evaluation. It covers:

  • The main responsibilities of the “IPO team”
  • The cultural transformation needed for it
  • Benefits of going public
  • Main drawbacks and disadvantages